Civil Engineering Solutions for the Railway Network

Simtec Engineering participates in the drafting of studies and projects for the construction of railway infrastructure such as:

  • High-speed lines.
  • Iberian gauge lines (RENFE) and international gauge.
  • Meter-gauge lines (LVEF, EUSKOTREN ...)..
  • Metropolitan Railway.
  • Light rail and trams.
  • EPassenger and freight stations.
  • Garages, workshops and auxiliary facilities.

Its activity covers the following specialties:

Informative studies, basic design and construction projects in the following sectors:

  • Lines of new track.
  • Adaptation and modernization of existing lines.
  • Duplication of vias.
  • Renewal of vias.
  • Urban integration of the railway.
  • Electrification of rail lines.
  • Implementation of signaling systems and installations, security and communications.